• New & Improved

    New & Improved

    See how StrokeLink combines current technology to empower patients more than ever before!
  • Therapy At Home

    Therapy At Home

    Learn how StrokeLink can be used at home to change the way you think about home rehabilitation.
  • Changing The Face Therapy

    Changing The Face Therapy

    Therapists report hand written therapy plans to be the most common but ultimately of the least benefit to patients. Find out how StrokeLink is changing this!
  • StrokeLink Therapists

    StrokeLink Therapists

    Check out what Michaela Ferguson, OT at Hamilton General Hospital, has to say about how they are using StrokeLink.

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StrokeLink is an iPad app designed to empower stroke survivors by providing the tools they need to regain their independence.

StrokeLink will provide key information to help you cope with life after a stroke. It is also a powerful tool for therapy, it will guide you through your daily therapy exercises while monitoring your progress over time. Access various therapy programs, complete with photos, videos, and audio or choose to create your own custom programs with your therapist.

Whether you are a survivor, family member, caregiver, or healthcare professional, StrokeLink is the perfect tool for rehabilitation plan delivery throughout the care journey.